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About me

Hi, I'm Joana, certified systemic
Love Coach

The Love Coach from Bonn.

My name is Joana Giulia Benze-Trimboli, I was born on March 16, 1975 in Munich, I grew up in Europe, Central America and the USA. I studied in Italy and Germany, where I completed my master’s degree in Romance languages and literature. I have been self-employed for several years. I also run a small family business. My three children are my highlight.

Due to my pronounced intuition and perception, it is easy for me to quickly assess different situations and to look at them in a differentiated way. I love working with people! My coaching is based on the different behavioral patterns and needs of my clients.

My clients know that they can trust me one hundred percent. For me, this is the base for a good cooperation.

During my coaching, a loving atmosphere is created, in which my clients should always feel comfortable and safe. The altruism that I bring into my coaching and the mutual respect make up a large part of the humanity we work for. I respect my clients desire for security and confidential communication. For me, the focus is always on the person with his or her needs.

Whether Singles Coaching, Couples Coaching or Heartbreak Coaching, as soon as the goal is reached, I have fulfilled my task. For this we need an average of three to five sessions.

Within coaching, the adherence to my principles is at the utmost importance to me. I express my values and standards through my behavior. I stand by my values and live them, always with the aim of helping people to find more love in their life. Through my coaching, they get access to more self-love and/or altruism.

In my training as a systemic coach, I have worked with different methods and approaches. I was partly surprised by how quickly this method kit works and how fast solution-oriented coaching leads to the goal. It is important to focus on the solution and not on the problem: “Problem talk leads to problems, solution talk leads to solutions.”(Steve de Shazar 1940-2005).

My coaching is solution-focused and not problem-oriented, the clients know their problems well enough, but the key to the solution is missing!

My training is recognized and certified by the German Association for Coaching and Training (DVCT) and the European Coaching Association (ECA).

In my training as a systemic coach, I have worked with various methods, e.g. the NLP Method, The Work, Wingwave, Hypnosismic Coaching, the G.R.O.W. Model, the Harvard Concept (conflict management), etc.

I am happy to carry out personality tests with you. Together we can work out which archetype (according to C.G.Jung) you embody internally. In addition, we also have the possibility to carry out a self-test for your perception channel. This can be very helpful to visualize your different sensory channels.

Best practices. Successful coaching


Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) means that processes in the brain can be changed with the help of language on the basis of systemic ways of acting. It's basically about human communication. With this method, the client's perception of the problem is sensitized and behavioral strategies are developed. For this we use different sensory modalities (VAKOG).

The Work

Four questions that change everything. Byron Katie has done wonders with this method. Our problems exist in our mind. When we learn to recognize and understand our thoughts and feelings, we get a whole new perspective on what burdens and/or blocks us in life. And we finally feel free again!