Joana Benze Portrait

It's time to do something for yourself.

I'll help you love & live again!

Love. Satisfaction. Self confidence. Altruism.

Let us love ourselves… Let us love one another! In life, things usually don’t go the way we imagined. Disappointments and self-doubt accompany our everyday lives. We then go in search of one of our most important basic needs: love! The love for ourselves that leads us to more self-confidence, the love for another person that we may have lost or long for, and the love that we once had in ourselves and can no longer find.

Let us love helps you find the kind of love in your life that you need. I will be at your side with Singles Coaching, Couples Coaching and Heartbreak Coaching.

My goal is to help you to have more love in life again.

Herz im Sand

Single Coaching

Zwei Herzen im Sand

Couple Coaching

Herz am Strand

Heartbreak Coaching

Years of expertisecombined with best practices.

The atmosphere in my coaching sessions is loving. My clients should always feel comfortable and safe. For me, the focus is always on the person with his needs, but charity, mutual respect and humanity are the foundation of our cooperation. I pursue the desire for security and communication of my clients.

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